MWE stands for maximum product quality and dedication down to the smallest detail. It is our philosophy and mission to develop door systems, ladders, shower systems and exclusive interior design items that give every customer the feeling of having purchased something really special. This means that all MWE employees always correspond with the highest standards involving design, production quality, and functionality. In particular: All products are subject to a complex production sequence, approx. 98% of which takes place on our own premises.

At MWE, the skilled hands of highly specialised artisans give every piece of stainless steel hardware the finishing touch. This manual, most elaborate surface treatment makes every MWE product solitaire. Based on the creative ideas of our engineering department, state-of the art machinery and the most innovative CNC-technology are used for the ground work. But is only under the hands of our carefully selected craftsmen that the stainless steel attains its exclusive aura and accomplishes its transformation from functional element to architectural highlight.

The result: products that provide a lifetime of enjoyment and satisfied customers who can rely 100% on our quality. Indeed, it is "passion for quality“.